My work

I am a loyal follower and practitioner of Natural Hoof Care (Pete Ramey, Jamie Jackson). Natural Hoof Care is based on reading the hoof. Each hoof must be looked at individually, for it has it´s own story to tell. One must understand what is going on in the inside in order to understand what is being shown on the outside. This leaves you with a clear vision of what went wrong and what needs to be done in order to guide the hoof back to a healthy and fully functional apparatus. Another very important aspect is the communication between owner and practitioner. It is essential that both understand the present situation of the hoof and what steps must be taken in order to reach the desired result.


In Natural Hoof Care no trim is invasive. The hoof trim must provide comfort and mobility to the horse. Only then it is motivated to move about and this is exactly what we want to achieve since movement is literally medicine for a horse. It promotes blood circulation, growth, stability, health, flexibility and the process of information exchange. The horse was made and intended for movement and therefore our trim is always dedicated to

provide the maximum mobility with upmost comfort. In Natural Hoof Care the hoof is trimmed in a certain method that awakens the impression to the hoof that that it covers a distance of 30 miles daily (just like a wild horse). Like this the correlation between sound hooves and movement is optimally utilized.


When treating a horse, I take my time for a complete and thorough analysis and then treat each hoof carefully and individually. When these steps are taken and the cooperation between owner and hoof practitioner is given, there are no obstacles in achieving a strong, healthy, functional and happy hoof.



Christopher Collins



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