My Philosophy

"A horse is only as good as its worst hoof" (Old cowboy proverb)

In order to obtain good hooves a horse does not need iron horseshoes. On the contrary: Horseshoes neutralize the natural hoof mechanism. They decelerate the blood circulation, decrease the natural growth rate and as a consequence cause a gradual depletion of the hoof. I am convinced that nature is wise and knew exactly what it was doing when the horse came into existence. It has been proven (and the clinical studies are available) that every horse has the potential of going 

barehoof without losing any of its effectivity nor grace in movement. On the contrary: some of the most effective sport horses are going barehoof. In order to achieve this, we must have a good foundation. This requires some time of preparation with most of today´s domestic horses.

There are many factors that must be taken into consideration.

Such as breed of the horse, environmental conditions, daily exercise, movement patterns, posture of the horse, whether it is being ridden and how etc..

My philosophy consists of viewing and considering the horse as a an entire entity and then looking at each hoof individually and treating it as a part of the greater picture. Through this not only do I improve the hoove´s health but also the wellbeing of the horse. Since a horse with healthy hooves is a happier horse. Once the foundation is given, there is only one direction, which is to accomplish the maximum of the hoof´s potential and suddenly the world becomes a very small place.



Christopher Collins



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