About me

My name is Christopher Collins.

I was born 1978 in the heart of southern United States, Louisiana.

I live in Germany since 1996 in the beautiful area of the Eifel.

Since my memory serves me, I have always felt a deep admiration, attraction, respect and love towards horses. To me they are so much more than just animals. I see them as our friends, teachers and loyal, dear companions. Let us never forget that human history depended in a big way on their service. Therefore they deserve the upmost respect and dedication of treatment.

This is why, I have decided to invest my time, strength and wisdom into their service and became a practitioner of Natural Hoof Care.

I had the privilege of attending the BPHC School in Stebach, conducted by one of the greatest experts in Germany: Annelie Michels.

In April 2018 I completed my apprenticeship with an exam and got my diploma as an hoofpractitioner at the GDHK which is approved by the state.  



Christopher Collins



Trierer Straße 56

53937 Schleiden


Tel. (49) 1573 2348128